Dancer, teacher, painter, choreographer, Director, Disney enthusiast and guinea pig mother. Number one passion- teaching and performing dance and bringing the joy of movement to any and all ages and levels. 

Side hustles- artist, event planning, social media management, random entertainment, and Disney vacation expert. 

Want to try out a dance class? Advice on what your Disney trip should include? Help with an event? I got you covered.


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There has been little that has been routine about life in the last couple weeks, no one needs to point out.


But how people have tried, desperately, to hold onto the routines they had in their daily lives has been a window into the human ability to adapt. Even 15 years ago, their ability to do so would have been far more difficult. But with live streaming technology now in every home, purse or hip pocket, South Forkers have surged into a new virtual world of social gathering, much like many businesses have exploded the platform with video conferencing.
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